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The solution

Hawthorn drying solution

Total drying time: around 9h

Recommended equipment: heat pump dryer, mesh belt hot air dryer,tunnel type heat pump

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  1. Material introduction
  2. Drying process
  3. Equipment
  • Material introduction

    Dried Hawthorn: adopt high-quality large-grained fruit, such as spherical, diameter 0. Inter 1.4cm, by hand or machine slicing, drying. Hawthorn is a edible plant, the quality is hard, the pulp is thin, inside has the seed, the sour taste

  • Drying process

    Drying process

    The whole drying procedure will be divided into 2 stages, 1st stage drying time will be around 3-5h, drying temperature about 60℃~70℃, the drying time will be a little different if the loading capacity is different, cool the material to room temperature after 1st stage drying, 2nd stage drying time about 2-4h, drying temperature 65℃~70℃

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